Bronco Guard Baton with Teargas Cartridge

State of the art security gadget -

Unbeatable except by firearms.


A non-lethal weapon designed for the security and protection of homes, businesses and the maintenance of peace and  order in communities. Covered by Philippine Patent No. UM-4618. 

This set is made of a Bronco Guard Baton (Nightstick) paired with a Bronco Teargas Cartridge. 

Bronco Guard Baton is made from a Philippine hardwood with brass parts. The Bronco teargas cartridge is inserted inside the brass handle where a mechanism is designed to discharge the contents when trigger is pressed. The teargas is emitted from the tip of the gadget for a farther effective range of  2 meters.  It is also equipped with a locking device to avoid accidental discharge.

The Bronco Teargas  is contained in an aerosol cartridge with a protective cap to avoid accidental discharge.  A few second squirts will render the victim helpless within seconds for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, an ample time for the potential victim to escape or seek help. 

​5 Year- Service Warranty on Bronco baton gadget

Bronco Guard Baton Set

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