Bronco, the Champion Fire Extinguisher

Experts say an uncontrolled fire will spread and destroy an average house or property in more or less seven minutes, endangering the lives of the people within its walls and burning anything on its path. The tragedy of fire can always be prevented if the area is properly equipped with effective fire-fighting devices and its occupants are educated and trained to respond to a fire emergency. Fire extinguishers play an important role in this kind of situation being the principal device we can use to control or put off the fire while it is still at its incipient stage preventing its spread to abate the fatal effect it could have made to lives and properties.

Fire is a major hazard in our country. Statistics from the local fire bureau will show that thousand of fire incidents happen every year with billions of pesos in damage and hundreds of lives lost. The residential sector is always included in the list of occupancy type where most incidents happened. Several factors may have contributed but in general there is still a seeming lack of awareness, preparedness and preventive measures especially in the residential sector. To add insult to injury, there circulate in the market cheap and sub-standard fire-fighting products being patronized under the guise of “compliance” to local safety laws, sourced from unlicensed manufacturers, and being promoted by unscrupulous salesmen posing as authorities, and sadly, by some personnel of the authority acting as salesmen and endorsers.

However, we have a fire extinguisher brand in the Philippines which for over 50 years is known for its trusted quality, dependability in fire emergency–Bronco, the Champion Fire Extinguisher.

The Bronco brand of fire safety products was established in 1967 as the fruit of the ingenuity and inventiveness of the Fineza brothers (Jose, Willy and Dandy), and is now perceived the pioneer in its kind in the Philippines. By the untiring hard work and passion of its founder, Jose G. Fineza Jr, who claimed for himself the title Mr. Fire Extinguisher of the Philippines, Bronco has contributed to the growth and development of the local industry, and also upheld the advocacy in fire safety and prevention nationwide.

Bronco is duly licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of Product Standards with the PS Quality Mark. Its quality is ensured by the quality of materials and compliance with the processes and standards of ISO 9001:2008 in the manufacture of its products. Bronco’s clientele has proven the benefits of using Bronco over the years and attested to its powerful fire-fighting performance and dependability during emergency. Its features such as the extended factory warranties, and chemical efficacy of 12 years to no expiry make it the most economical and cost effective, saving money for customers from recurring costs of refill and maintenance. Clients also appreciate the free trainings and seminars, fire risk assessments, fire safety consultations, other available after sales services that Bronco provides. Bronco is also a recipient of various awards, emerged Champion Fire Extinguisher for winning competitions, recognized by the DILG, BFP, DENR and other government agencies and private socio-civic organizations.

Bronco also has proven its leadership in its innovative products that are state-of-the-art and responsive to the social concerns of our time, especially about our environment. Bronco Therman and Ceiling type Fire Extinguishers are originally patented to Bronco and is now recognized and accepted by the Bureau of Fire Protection as an alternative and remedial measure to automatic fire sprinklers to areas or structures where the latter are impractical or improbable to install. Bronco Therman and Ceiling types have a built in sensor which automatically discharge the clean extinguishing agent it contains to put off the fire when the temperature reaches 135-165F providing a 24/7 round the clock protection against fire, even without a person operating it.

With our planet screaming for help, Bronco also addresses environmental issues especially in the protection and care of Earth’s Ozone layer. Bronco provides the consumers the most ozone friendly fire extinguisher - Bronco HFC236-fa. Bronco HFC236-fa contains clean extinguishing agent that has zero ozone depleting potential. It is clean and safe to use on computers, engines and sensitive electronics and machines, with lifetime chemical efficacy and cause absolute no harm to the ozone layer. However, the public must be warned that there is circulating in the market fake HFC-236fa fire extinguishers, which can endanger public health and our environment.

The mission of the Bronco brand is to help make homes and communities safer against fire, by providing quality and dependable fire fighting products and services, and promoting the advocacy of fire safety and awareness- a mission every individual, community, or organization should uphold.


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